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Dating Story 1

copyright 2008

Online Dating Success: Rachael and Mike

After talking with here girlfriends late one night, Rachel decided to submit a profile to an online dating site. Her friend Julie had told her about how simple online dating made the whole mate finding process. “The profiles are all right there, you just scan the information to find exactly what you're looking for, it's a beautifully simple process. You can browse like 500 pictures in an hour, it's priceless. Just do it, you have nothing to lose.” And so Rachael just did it, she submitted a profile with a picture, and pressed the submit button to enter the online dating world. Rachael looked around the site for the first couple of weeks, and she found some interesting guys but was a bit hesitant to send them a message. So, she just let it sit on the back burner for a bit and concentrated on a hectic work schedule.

Unknown to Rachael at the time, a guy named Scott had also recently submitted his profile to the same dating site. Scott lived within tens miles of Rachael, and the dating site's computers sent the two a potential match e-mail a few hours after Scott's profile hit the site. Scott opened his e-mail the same day it was sent, and he sent Rachael an e-mail shortly after reading it. Rachael, however, busy at work, hadn't been signing onto her account on a regular basis. Her match e-mail went unnoticed for a couple weeks.

After a prodding from Julie to get going, and start sending messages to potential boyfriends, Rachael signed on to her account and saw Scott's message. She sent him a message saying Hi, and basically acknowledging that she had received his e-mail, ending the e-mail with, “If you want to talk more, just send an e-mail.” Rachel expected nothing great to come of this correspondence, she was a die hard pessimist. After a few messages, talking about hobbies and work, Scott asked her if she wanted to go out on a date, a face to face date. Rachael reluctantly agreed, and immediately called Julie to tell her what a jerk she was for getting her on this dating site. “I just know these guys who date online are total creeps Julie, maybe you should follow us.” “No, no,no”, said Julie. Just take your cell phone with you, and tell me where you're going, nothings going to happen Rachael, if you're having a terrible time just leave.”
“Oh, all right,” whined Rachael, “if this guy is terrible I am going to kill you Julie.” “Yeah, whatever, just go on the frickin date already.” Long story short, Rachel and Scott got along great on that first date, and they are getting married this summer after 3 years of dating. And Julie is the maid of honor. She's been bragging in Rachael's ear, “told you I'm the modern day cupid”, for years now.


En línea Fechando Exito: Rachael y Mike

Después de que hablar con aquí amigas tarde una noche, Rachel decidiera someterse un perfil a un en línea fechando el sitio. Su amigo Julie la había dicho acerca de cuán sencillo en línea fechando hizo el compañero entero que encuentra el proceso. "Los perfiles están bien allí, usted acaba de escudriñar la información para encontrar exactamente lo que usted busca, es un proceso hermosamente sencillo. Usted puede hojear como 500 imágenes en una hora, es inapreciable. Hágalo justo, usted no tiene nada perder". Y así que Rachael justo lo hizo, ella se sometió un perfil con una imagen, y apretó el se somete botón para entrar el en línea fechando mundo. Rachael echó una mirada alrededor el sitio para la primera pareja de semanas, y ella encontró que algunos tipos interesantes pero estuvo un poco vacilante enviarles un mensaje. Así, ella acaba de permitir que se sienta en el quemador de espalda para un poco y concentrado en un horario agitado del trabajo. 

Desconocido a Rachael en aquel momento amor, un tipo denominó Scott también se había sometido recientemente su perfil al mismo fechando el sitio. Scott vivió dentro de millas de decenas de Rachael, y el fechando las computadoras del sitio enviaron el dos un igual potencial manda correo electrónico unas pocas horas después de que el perfil de Scott golpeara el sitio. Scott abrió su correo electrónico el mismo día que lo fue enviado, y él envió Rachael un correo electrónico poco después lo leyendo. Rachael, sin embargo, ocupado en el trabajo, no había estado firmando en su cuenta con regularidad. Su correo electrónico del igual fue inadvertido para una semanas de la pareja. 

Después de que un aguijonear de Julie para conseguir ir, y el comienzo que envía los mensajes a novios potenciales, Rachael contrató a su cuenta y vio el conocer mujeres latinas mensaje de Scott. Ella le envió un mensaje que dice Hola, y reconoce básicamente que ella había recibido su correo electrónico, reggea, reggaeton, latinas, terminando el correo electrónico con musica, "Si usted quiere hablar más, envía justo un correo electrónico. Rachel esperó que nada gran viniera de esta correspondencia, ella fue un se muere pesimista duro. Después de que unos pocos mensajes, hablando de pasatiempos y trabajo, Scott la preguntó si ella quiso salir en una fecha, reggeaton una cara para encarar la fecha. Rachael concordó de mala gana, y Julie inmediatamente llamado en decirla lo que un tirón ella fue para conseguirla en esto fechando el sitio. "Acabo de saber estos tipos que fechan en línea son totales arrastra Julie, quizá usted nos debe seguir". "No, no, no", dijo Julie. Tome justo su teléfono celular con usted, y dígame donde usted va, nada que van a suceder Rachael, si usted tiene un tiempo terrible justo hoja". "Ah, bueno," gimoteó Rachael, "si este tipo es terrible que yo le mataré Julie". "Sí, cualquier, pasa justo la fecha de frickin ya". La historia larga corta, Rachel y Scott se llevarseon gran en que primero fecha, y ellos se casan este verano después de que 3 años de fechar. Y Julie es la dama de honor. Ella ha estado jactándose en la oreja de Rachael, "le dijo que soy el día moderno Cupido", durante años ahora. 

Dating Story 2

“No, all those women who put profiles up online are prima donnas, you ever see those profiles, they have income fields,Tim, income fields, if you don't make a certain amount they don't even look at your profile,” said Eric. “Yeah, yeah, I know, but there are normal girls on there too,” piped in Tim. “I would just try it out, what's the harm, just look around for a girl who likes what you do, the odds of finding a good girl just go up tremendously when you search online. It saves so much time.” “Ok, ok , I'll freakin do it, but nothing good is going to come of it, you'll see.” “You never know, you never know,” said Tim.

“Ok, as soon as we get in the house I'll set up a profile. Will you shut up then, Eric spit out.” “Good, no I never shut up, you know that, joked Tim.” “ Ahhhhh. Ok, how do I do this, moaned Eric.” “It's easy, get get a good picture out of one of your folder's. Like that picture you have from the dance last week, and then upload it into your profile. Then just fill in your hobbies, height, weight, all the physical stuff and press upload, and it's finished; you just sit back and wait for a beautiful chick to send you a message, Tim said with a mischevious grin.” “Yeah, ok, I am sure I'll have girls just flooding my inbox in minutes, what a joke, said Eric sarcasticly.”

“Ok, done, now I'm watching the game,said Eric.” “You'll see, you'll get someone to send you a message.” “Yeah, and they won't be at all good looking, and they'll be weird, and like drawing dragons and elves.” “Haha, they won't be weird, and there's nothing wrong with an artistic chick, laughed Tim.” “Whatever, turn on the TV, I can't believe you just conned me into doing that, Eric said” “Hey man, the Internet is powerful, your mug is going to be seen by thousands of women around the web, there's gotta be one or two who thinks your ugly mug is handsome, Tim laughed.” “Shut up, put on some football.” “Oh yeah , did you put you like football in your profile, questioned Tim.” “Yeah, I did, just to prove you wrong, guarantee you, not a single women sends me a message after I put that in there, bellowed Eric. “Haha, don't be so cynical.”

“Game over, you can go home now, and take your philosophies of love with you.” Tim stood up, “Ok, check your e-mail before I go.” “What? It's been like 2 hours after I sent that. No one sent me a message yet, get outta here.” “Just check, haha, I gotta see, Tim said, laughing hysterically.” “Dear god, ok, hand me my laptop.”

“Uhhhh,” stuttered Eric. “What, you got a message didn't you? Whats it say?” It says, “Good to see a fellow Giants fan on here, come down to Flannery's and have some drinks, tons of Giants fans here.” “We'll let's go,” said Tim. “Are you nuts, I got one message from this girl, said Eric.” “Let me see her picture,” squawked Tim. “Wow, I am going down there if you're not, now I'll gladly leave your house, haha, later.” “Hold on, hold on, I'm coming.” “Told you that would work, Tim said,” smiling proudly. “Yeah, we'll see, she's probably totally bonkers.”



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